About us

Our Story

Moving to the UK after the war started in Syria, leaving everything behind except the knowledge I gained through my life career as a garment technologists and a lecturer in textile technology, was a big movement in my life.

The choices I had when arriving in the UK were limited, either working for clothing and textile industry or starting my own small enterprise. Due to my little experience in working in the UK I chose to work for industry and I have to admit it was great experience and opportunity to understand the working culture, the social life and many other things.

I was awarded a scholarship to do a master’s degree in international education and research which opened my eyes widely on the issues of globalization; its benefits as well as disadvantages for us as a human beings. Some of the main advantages for me were being able to share my experience, knowledge and designs through various social media platforms. These experience and knowledge I gained through working in various countries with national and international bodies developing textile and clothing industry.

My passion for making garments never stopped even when I was working in the area of production management and continuous improvement. I had been given an opportunity to develop a small collection from recycled seconds and end-of-run cloth, and the happiness I shared with the machinists when running the fashion show was incredible. That was a charity event and we had had a thankful notice the company due to the money donated after this event.  

Being aware of the impact of global warming, learning about globalization, my passion for making garment, living in Scotland and being surrounded by wool and cashmere producers all came together and inspired me to start my small business, Mini footprint.

The ethics behind Mini footprint is to minimize the carbon footprint, reduce waste, support sustainability, create opportunities for local people and offer fair wages.  

We are a small team of designers, pattern makers and seamstresses who have come together to make this shared dream a reality in the Highlands of Scotland.

Our commitment is to use the high quality end-of-run local produced wool and cashmere fabrics and convert these into unique and mostly one-off designs, all cut impeccably and crafted to the highest quality.