Why Ethical Fashion

From our first blog, you will now know that Mini Footprint is passionate about ethical fashion and concerned about how fast fast fashion is and what it is doing to our planet, there are ways you can contribute to your planet in a positive way.


In the past few years, it is noticeable the dramatic growth in concern about the environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry. There have been estimates of the likely climate change impacts of the clothing markets rise as high as 25% of all global emissions by 2050 - these statistics are massive and can have a huge impact on our lives in the future and the future population.


The current trend of fast fashion for the output of cheap, disposables fashion items are, unfortunately, making these statistics much worse. For example (taken from the ethical consumer) the average consumer buys 60% more clothing than 15 years ago, while less than 1% of the material used to produce garments is recycled into new clothing. At mini footprint, this really affects us as a lot of consumers really don't see the wider picture.


We have all been guilty of being in a cycle of consumerism, buying cheap items because an influencer wore it or it's appeared on your Instagram feed so much that something triggers in your brain that you just have to have that item in your wardrobe right now, not only is that very clever marketing but that is fast fashion.


So what is Ethical Fashion? It is a combination of both fair trade and sustainable fashion. It focuses on both the social and environmental impact of fashion, seeking to improve the working conditions of labourers along with the environmental impact of the clothing production process. So a lot of consumers don't understand the big deal of owning cheaper fashion that cost virtually nothing and then a few months later it rips and you throw it out. The big deal is that it actually costs more than you think.


Changing your shopping ways and having a mindset of how it can affect the environment, people and your time. Next time you go to click 'Buy Now' on a top that is from a fast fashion brand, think to yourself about how long that piece will last. Invest in the planet and not yourself.



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