Who is Mini footprint

Mini Footprint is brand new launching in August 2019 bringing you a different approach to fashion. Mini footprint creator Lara originates from Syria, she moved to the UK as the war started, leaving everything behind except the knowledge she had gained being a garment technologist and a lecturer in textile technology. With limited choices when arriving in the UK it was either the option to work in the clothing industry or start her enterprise. With little knowledge of working in the UK Lara chose to work in the UK industry as obviously its fantastic experience but also brilliant to meet like-minded people and connections within the industry.


When working in the industry Lara was offered a scholarship to complete a degree in international and education which opened her eyes completely to the issues of globalization. Learning about the benefits and disadvantages of the decision of human beings. This truly related to Lara as she was able to share her knowledge and expertise from living in Syria.

Since then, Lara has discovered a newfound passion along with creating garments that there is a way to develop a small collection of seconds and end-of-run cloth, this resulted in a fashion show for charity which was for a great cause and finally the time to showcase how amazing ethical fashion is.

Now residing in Scotland and being surrounded by cashmere and wool on a day to day basis and with those producers all come together which today have inspired Mini Footprint.

Mini Footprint has one ethos and that is to minimize carbon footprint, reduce waste, support sustainability, create opportunities for local people and offer fair wages.


We hope you join our cause and purchase an item to make that small difference.



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