Sustainability after Covid-19, The Hard Lesson

Sometimes when we get used to what is available for us, we forget its value and most of the time we stop seeing its beauty.

In the last few months we have witnessed many people around the world who have lost their loved ones due to the Corona pandemic, but also many people who have lost their loved ones due to many other diseases, wars, poverty and last but not least, natural disasters.

People are not allowed to go out and practice outdoor social life, separated from their friends and family.

Searching and scrolling online are permitted, but the uncertainty of when this pandemic is going to be over discourages many peoples from going ahead and finishing the bargain.

Thousands of holidays, hotels and flight bookings have been canceled, airline companies have grounded their flights for at least two months in response to the coronavirus travel restrictions. Many high street brands have canceled their orders, shops are closed and even students in schools  

We have suddenly discovered that we miss walking in the beautiful nearby park or on the beach which is only a few miles away, although we haven’t been to either for a long time. We also miss our daily meeting with work colleagues and friends.

It is a tough situation indeed, but maybe there is still a positive side to look at.

We have to admit, that this gives us time to think and to revalue what we have. The beautiful planet we are living in, the precious country we have and the family and friends who support us along our journey. We have discovered also that in many cases we own more than we need.

I am pretty sure that many people are spending some of their lockdown time in reorganizing their belongings and discovering that many things have to be thrown out. Opening the wardrobe, we find that we need to get rid of many cheap things we bought: jerseys we loved once but which looked good only for one season, jackets which look tatty because they pilled after only a few wears and cannot be fixed, also handbags lurking in the back of the cupboard which just look scruffy.

On the other hand, I am also sure many of us are discovering that we have valuable things we have to keep. Among those things might be the first expensive jeans we bought, the first handmade kilt, a classic coat made of wool or cashmere and many other beautiful things we took for granted and forgot about.

You will discover as I did, that only the high-quality things you have, you want to keep. Things that have proved their sustainability and their value. You will remember that you probably paid a high price for every single one of those pieces, but you will realize that those things are the ones that last.


The same applies to our relations with home, jobs, friends and family.

Despite the ugliness of this pandemic, it also like everything in life has positive sides as well as the negative sides. War in Syria and over Syria has stopped due to Covid-19, perhaps temporarily, but it has stopped, and this will give people time to think about the feasibility of this war and the beauty of peace. Likewise, in the race for opening new markets and gaining new customers, some rethinking may take place.

Maybe the lesson we need to learn from Covid-19 is not to take many things for granted but to value things based on their real worth, to look for sustainability as a lifestyle we should follow to help our planet and all living organisms to survive the epidemic, the global warming challenges, and economic crises. 

It is a hard lesson we are all going through and the teacher is definitely the toughest we have faced in our lifetime.


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