Go sustainable and help save Mother Earth

I was thinking about how to slow the fashion cycle when I came across the quote of Solitaire Townsend “Wear clothes that matter”. This quote took me back to my childhood when my mother and her mates used to alter and modify their beautiful clothing into something else. Dresses and trousers into skirts; skirts into dresses for youngsters, grandmother’s beautiful curtains into table covers and many other things.

No waste, all the leftovers turned into oven gloves, bags for groceries and decorative items until finally being used up as cleaning cloths. I have to admit that I used to hate that. The reason was, I thought we were not able to buy anything new. My mother explained to me that we will pay a huge price in the future if we don’t preserve what we have, because we are using mother earth’s resources unwisely, but at the time I still didn’t understand.

As soon as I started working and earning money, I started buying clothes as fast as I could, following the latest trends and competing with my friend about who could buy the most jeans in all available colours and shapes. I did the same with jackets, skirts, dresses, and t-shirts. I went mad.

Time passed and only in the last few years have I recognized the wisdom behind my mother’s ethos and ethics.

 I miss now the meaning behind the clothes I am wearing, the exclusivity, the personal touches that my mum used to add, the memories hidden in every detail. Now I understand the idea of saving our planet's resources and the importance of sustainability.  

Global warming is hitting mother earth. Floods, unemployment, wars and poverty are all there and we have to make a stand now.

Save the planet, stop wasting resources and value the exclusivity that local producers offer you. This will create jobs and reduce poverty.

Support renewable energy to stop the wars for oil and save the environment.

 Use what is available today in a wise manner for future generations, our heirs.

Think before buying and look for ethical fashion.

Mini footprint is a new ethical clothing brand, make clothing that matters. 

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